Scott Harrison
Scarborough Centre Ward 19
On October 27th 2014

4 more years of over spending at the TDSB; I THINK NOT!!!

4 more years of scandal after scandal: I THINK NOT!!!


Vote for SCOTT HARRISON; A vote for change

 Elect Scott Harrison
Scarborough Centre Ward 19
When elected;my commitment to you will be:

Supporting Excellence in Education in our schools

    • Priority; to improve Literacy and Numeracy within our Ward.

    • Increasing nutrition programs within our Ward.
    • Making sure the *NEW* Science and Technology rooms are built within our schools to further improve student success.
    • Putting your tax dollars back in our classrooms.
    • Bringing greater accountability to the public school system.
    • Encouraging community participation in the public education system through 'Scarborough Parent Conferences' ( bringing the conference back in 2015).
    • Always being available to listen and address the concerns of the community.   
    • Having a local office to meet students and parents for your convenience.
    • Improving student engagement with introduction to enhanced programs within the Arts.
    • Working with school councils to help improve achievements within our schools.
    • Working with the community to better enhance  safety standards in our schools.



A Message from Scott Harrison

Once again I put my name forward to represent you, your family, and the community as a the local trustee for Scarborough Centre Ward 19.

After months and months of consultations across Scarborough Centre with parent councils, parent groups and even the Community Associations in the Ward; the same clear message was heard each and every time: That the Scarborough Center communities are not happy with their current trustee that was elected four years ago”, It's time for A Change

This year on October 27th , with your support, I'm hoping once again to be elected as the trustee for Scarborough Centre.

How can you help!

You can help re-elect me in many ways; by taking a lawn sign to show your support in the community, by making a campaign donation, but most of all, with your vote.

You can also help by volunteering in many different ways. Phone a friend, phone more friends and even come out and help deliver Scott's election flyer in the community you live in.

Thank You in Advance



 Request a Lawn Sign

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